With the generosity of FOSTOVS, STV Students, parents and faculty have access to an impressive array of cutting edge Technological resources and functional equipment that strengthen the curriculum and learning In the classroom and beyond.

All students have access to state-of-the-art technology tools, from Chromebooks to iPads to desktop computers, and receive computer lab instruction for both Apple and Microsoft operating systems.



St. Thomas of Villanova of Catholic School utilizes technology to enhance the learning process. Our philosophy is rooted in the idea that technology, when used appropriately and responsibly, can yield great benefits. Technology is an integral component of our global community, and students must be proficient in using these tools while developing critical thinking skills. St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic School is proud to offer its students and faculty access to an impressive array of technological resources.

Technology Features:

  • SMART boards in every classroom
  • iPads/tablets for students
  • Computer lab
  • Innovative collaboration desks
  • Cutting edge science room equipment


    St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic School incorporates technology into various aspects of the daily learning of our students. The school is proud to have access to a wide variety of subscription-based services which inject meaningful content into education. From writing to reading to science and math, the faculty, students and parents have access to extensive resources which strengthen the curriculum and learning in the classroom and beyond.

    Thru Technology Students Learn:

    • Word processing skills, including using tables and graphics
    • How to create and use basic spreadsheets
    • How to create and format slideshow presentations, including using animation, video and pictures
    • How to use the internet for research
    • Internet safety
    • How to evaluate websites for accuracy and relevance


    The computer lab is equipped with computers dedicated to specific coursework and computer class with high speed internet to facilitate access to the digital world and clear the path toward discovery. The dedicated computer lab allows for focused instruction on various applications including word processing, graphics, database, spreadsheet and presentation software, as well as for training purposes for both students and faculty. They also support certain STEM coursework which may require more powerful computing capacity.

    As students explore, they have opportunities to study graphic design, web design, computer applications and computer programming. Moreover, collaborative instruction maximizes the benefits of the computer lab as students become experts with technology while working on individual subject area objectives. Additionally, this approach allows technology to be used as a tool and a resource in developing higher level thinking skills.


    St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic School promotes technology to reach well beyond the classroom. Our communications portal for fourth through eighth grade keeps parents and students up to date and on task by providing them with access to school information, including homework, assignments, course syllabi and class news. All teachers communicate regularly with parents via email. While email is not intended to replace the personal touch and communication for which St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic School is well known, it is an excellent tool to support the flow of information from the school to the home and from the home to the school.

    Tablets & Devices

    Each student at St. Thomas of Villanova has access to an individual tablet computer such as updated iPads and brand new Chrome-Books. With one-to-one computing experience, students have access to digital text, electronic note-taking, cloud storage and cloud computing, various apps and other tools. They engage with knowledge, with their peers and with the faculty in new and exciting ways every day. A Computer Use Agreement must be read, thoughtfully considered, and signed by all students in order for network and Internet access to be granted. We insist on safe, efficient, ethical, and legal utilization of the network, resources and Internet in the school.

    Interactive Boards and Document Cameras

    Interactive white boards and document cameras are essential fixtures in every classroom setting and build even more dynamic, multimedia learning environments. Software and online curriculum components are adopted and updated regularly to support coursework from the most advanced STEM courses to the most basic math and reading programs in early childhood education.

    Help students take ownership of their digital lives.

    All students need digital citizenship skills to participate fully in their communities and make smart choices online and in life. Our award-winning K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum:

    • Addresses top concerns for schools.
    • Prepares students with critical 21st-century skills.
    • Supports educators with training and recognition.
    • Engages the whole community through family outreach.