Introduction to the STV Parish School Strategic Plan

Dear Friends,

The education of our youth in the Catholic faith is a critical element to the mission of the Church. The strategic plan for STV school is vitally important to our efforts to execute this mission as well as to our parish’s ongoing growth and future viability. With this in mind, our planning efforts have identified the growth of the STV early childhood development program (pre-kindergarten and kindergarten) as an area of strategic focus. Growth of our early childhood development program will increase both our school population as well as our vital religious education program and by extension, our parish family. By focusing our efforts on our early childhood program, we hope to attract new families to our parish so that we can introduce them to Jesus’s love through our welcoming parish community.

We are blessed that our parish school continues to grow and remains on solid financial footing. With this strategic plan in place, we aim to ensure that the growth continues so that we may serve more families in our area while keeping our school accessible to everyone by offering reasonable tuition along with scholarship opportunities.

STV school delivers an exceptional academic education, surpassing the academic results of our local public schools as reported by illinoisreportcard. Our smaller class sizes enable our committed teachers and staff to devote individual attention to all our students. Providing our students with a strong foundation in Catholic teaching and values along with individually tailored academic instruction complemented with strong art and athletic experiences will continue to be a priority at our parish school.

I invite all parishioners to learn more about our STV school and the strategic plan for its future. I firmly believe that our school program provides young families with the support they need to educate their children in the Catholic faith in a nurturing environment that also delivers outstanding academic education. Thank you to our school and religious education professionals, our parents, and many parish volunteers that make educating our children their priority. I have never been more confident and excited about the future of our STV Parish School.

God Bless,

Fr. Kris Janczak