This is the most common method the school and faculty will communicate with everyone. The family envelope system goes home every Wednesday with the youngest child in a family. The envelope should be signed by the parent and returned back to the school on Thursday. This envelope will have a weekly newsletter that gives you information on upcoming events, things to know, and other fun stuff. The envelope is also used to send home various order forms: hot dog/pizza day lunch order forms, field trip forms, sport team forms, and other permission forms. If money is ever required to be sent to the school, the family envelope should be used to send the money. This includes money for field trips, sports fees, and hot dog/pizza day lunches. The family envelope is NOT to be used to distribute party invitations or other personal notes to other families.

What Does My Tuition Cover?

Tuition includes books, educational materials, educational events and sacramental expenses. STV offers the tuition management services of FACTS Payment Plans and Grant & Aid Financial Needs Assessment for payment of tuition and for the processing of financial aid.

Is There A Reduction For Families With Multiple Children?

Yes. See tuition planning.

What Is The Tuition Payment Schedule?

Tuition is due in ten equal installments payable in August to May on the 5th or 20th of the month. Options also include quarterly installments payable in the months of July, October, January and April paid on the 5th or 20th or semi-annual installments payable on the first of August and the 1st of February of the school year. Lastly, tuition can be payable in full in August or September of the school year.

Other Than Tuition, Are There Any Additional Fees?

Yes. A non-refundable registration fee will be due upon registration by May 15th. Materials and technology fees will be due in August of the school year and be billed to your FACTS ACCOUNT. The technology fee involves software, tablets, copyrights and licenses. There is also a Graduation Fee and DC trip fee for students in their eighth grade year and an Activity Fee for athletics. For detailed information regarding fees, please refer to our Schedule of Fees.

Who Can Apply For Financial Aid?

We encourage families to first apply at https://empowerillinois.org. Empower Illinois helps families choose the best education for their child, regardless of their ability to pay, by providing scholarships to Illinois students to attend private K-8 schools. Once your child is enrolled at St. Thomas of Villanova, you may be eligible for financial assistance. To be considered (with your K-8th grade tuition) please complete the application at Empower Illinois scholarships by May 1st.

Do I Have To Apply For Financial Aid Every Year?

Yes. Each year you will be required to update and resubmit your financial aid application to demonstrate continued need.

Are There Any Loan Programs Available?

Yes. Please refer to FACTS guidelines to apply.

What Is A Contributing Registered Parishioner Family?

A registered contributing parishioner is a family who: is officially registered as a parishioner family of St. Thomas of Villanova Parish; attends Mass regularly at St. Thomas of Villanova Parish and donates to the Sunday collection utilizing the church envelopes or online payment system; sells or purchases 20 Lottery tickets from FSA; participates in Dollar Shopping Power (DSP) Gift Card Program with “earned profits” of $100.00; contributes $340.00/child in fundraising that is met in fundraising events such as Track-a-thon (minimum of $50/student), additional purchase of FSA Lottery Tickets, additional earning power of DSP purchasing and other fundraising events; and earns 20 volunteer points (or 10 for single parent families) or is subject to a fee of $20 per unearned volunteer point payable prior to issuance of final report card.

What Is A Non-Parishioner Family?

A non-registered parishioner family is not registered as a parishioner at St. Thomas of Villanova Parish, does not participate in fundraising or the purchasing and selling of Lottery tickets and does not fulfill volunteer requirements.