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Welcome Back FRIENDS!

As a St. Thomas of Villanova School graduate, you know well the unique culture and close connections that unite alumni of our school. As part of our efforts to strengthen our alumni’s communications with our school and parish, reunite former classmates and support the school;  we are continually assembling and updating our STV Alumni Directory.  We are in search for all past alumni from all years!  Please fill out the form provided here and let us know how we can find/connect with you!

Through our Alumni Directory, we seek to build lifelong relationships, encourage stewardship, advance the mission of the school and to celebrate its tradition and history. “Membership” is free and includes anyone who has attended and/or graduated from St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic School from Preschool through Eighth Grade, as well as faculty and staff.

Please also be connected with the organization fundraising organization of FRIENDS of St. Thomas of Villanova School (FOSTOVS).  The FOSTOVS vision is to create ongoing financial support and legacy funding by inspiring alumni and friends, creating strong alliances and promulgating the successes and positive influences STV School has on it graduates. STV School is a leader in providing quality education and early life experiences for so many within Palatine, Illinois and surrounding communities. Click on the link below to visit directly.

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