Important Information about our School Reopening Plan

Important Information about our School Reopening Plan

Letter from the Principal and More!

July 16, 2020

Dear St. Thomas Parents and Guardians:

St. Thomas of Villanova School is committed to welcoming your children back for in-person faith-filled education for a full school day for the 2020-21 school year. We are dedicated to meeting your needs and remaining consistent with the Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Department of Public Health guidelines that were shared on the 23rd of June.

With these recently released State guidelines, in conjunction with the more stringent guidelines specifically set forth by the Office of Catholic Schools that were shared with you on July 10, our St. Thomas of Villanova School Reopening Team continues to creatively plan and define the specific changes and adjustments to our own school operations that will allow us to reopen safely and welcome your children back in August.

We will need to be creative and flexible in order to accomplish the goals outlined by ISBE, IDPH, and OCS. We ask for your continued patient partnership as we work as fast as we can to meet the necessary guidelines and requirements. While there are many ongoing challenges that we are identifying and addressing to create a safe environment, we are equally committed to maintaining an enriching learning environment.

Following the Archdiocese of Chicago Reopening Plan, the St. Thomas School Reopening Team is focusing our efforts in School Operations and in Academics. Some of the steps already undertaken and in progress to prepare the safest learning environment possible for our St. Thomas Parish School community include:

School Operations

● Traffic flow in the building
● Hygiene, PPE, sanitization
● Equipment and protocol for temperature and symptom checks
● Classroom/lockers/desks setup
● Use of common areas
● Bussing requirements

● Student and staff scheduling
● Updated Handbook w/COVID covenant
● Instruction and diagnostic assessments
● Parallel E-Learning plan

The State guidelines released on June 23rd include health and safety measures as well as academic priorities. Those that apply to our St. Thomas of Villanova School community include face coverings to be worn at all times by all students, faculty, staff, and visitors, with some exceptions for medical conditions. If you have not done so already, please make sure your child has several washable, reusable face coverings. We strongly encourage you to have your children begin practicing wearing a mask for long periods of time.

Additionally, our Meet the Teacher Parent Orientation will be scheduled virtually before we begin the school year.

We will continue to communicate with you as the summer progresses and as our Reopening Team finalizes our plan.

In Trust and in Partnership,
Mrs. Mary Brinkman, Principal, Academic and Health/Safety Team Leader Fr. Kris, Pastor

Academic Team:

Meghan Falkenberg, Teacher
Stephanie Hardy, Teacher
Laura Klotz, Teacher
Jane Liquin, Teacher
Stephanie Pauwels, Teacher
Alice Scardina, Admin Asst.
Colleen Twarog, Teacher
Angie Valis, Technology/Resource
Val Zemko, Marketing/Enrollment

Health and Safety Team

Fr. Kris, Pastor
John Breit, Business Manager
Anne Fisher, Teacher
Steve LeFew, Parent
Vito Manola, Maintenance
Kathy McGarvey, Teacher
Alice Scardina, Admin Asst
Mark Sorrentino, Teacher
Val Zemko, Marketing/Enrollment

Important files to download from Principal Brinkman and the Chicago Archdiocese.

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