Curriculum Overview

School Overview

St. Thomas of Villanova School takes great pride in its emphasis on early childhood education. Recognizing that children begin learning from birth, our early childhood program provides an academic foundation for lifelong learning.

We Provide Educational Opportunities For All Ages And Academic Levels

With an emphasis on small classes and well-trained faculty, we challenge each student to develop his or her own capabilities and passion in the pursuit of learning. With a multi-modal approach to teaching and learning, students maximize their strengths from preschool to junior high school. While St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic School encourages teamwork and cooperation, we acknowledge and welcome individual growth and independent thinking. From Preschool to Eighth grade, an education from St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic School guarantees lifelong friendships, continuity of education, no stressful transitions and strong parent and teacher relationships.

St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic School students are offered many opportunities throughout the day to develop the whole child. All students from Kindergarten through Eight grade attend Spanish class, Library class, Technology and Music class weekly; and lastly, Physical Education three times a week. Also, all students participate in art weekly and have the opportunity to participate in Art Clubs.

We provide a strong curricula of coursework.

Science and STEM
With a newly renovated and updated science lab and Smithsonian Science Curricula, our students have easy access to the latest technology and STEM coursework. Our lab is equipped with individualized student lab desks with instruments such as new microscopes for exciting lab projects. It also supports animal life such as ducklings, lizards and rodents. All students are able to enhance critical thinking skills to become literate in today’s global society.

Mathematics Math
is also provided in accordance with the Common Core Curriculum. Different levels are provided throughout the grades with pre-Algebra in 6th-7th Grades and Algebra in 7th-8th grades and Advanced Algebra in 8th grade.

Social Studies
Students incorporate individual literacy and comprehension skills when reading history non-fiction. They use charts, photos, captions and glossaries to learn about the past. Text support and resources provided by the technology lab and the library assist in the students’ learning. Social studies also becomes more active with our History and State Fairs along with our Wax Museum.

Language Arts
Literacy, comprehension, spelling and writing are heavily emphasized throughout all coursework.

Physical Education and Health
All grades are involved in physical education and health curricula. The health education program builds a student’s knowledge, skills and positive attitude towards health while enhancing the child’s self-esteem and healthy decision making skills. Certified instruction also incorporates the benefits of yoga and meditation to all. All students participate in physical education class two to three times a week.

Cultural Arts
The arts on the go initiative provide students with regularly scheduled school trips to educational sites, movies, museums and fine art performances.x

Fine and Performing Arts
We have a firm commitment to the fine arts with a deep appreciation of the benefits of such programs like art, band, chorus and theater for all students at any age. Younger students learn music through art exercises, manipulatives, instruments, and other materials daily. All students have a weekly art class with skilled art instruction and new art tables and seating for enhanced creativity. Music class is offered weekly with band offered as an elective beginning in the fourth grade. Our Performing Arts program offers our Pre-K through 3rd grade students to be in a vocal ensemble with older students having the ability to contribute in drama, dance and set design and production through our annual musicals.

Preschool 3 And 4
St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic School is dedicated to making learning fun for the emotional, physical, spiritual, social and intellectual – in a readiness program that prepares your child for Kindergarten. The program attends to all stages of development at this age providing playtime, motor development, academic programs, religious formation, social interaction and enrichment.

There are half day and full day programs. The morning curriculum for Kindergarten incorporates the basic skills, socialization, physical development and the readiness levels in math, language arts, reading and religion. Afternoon sessions are developmental and enriched in socialization.  Morning and afternoon classes are independent of each other.

After School Tutoring
We offer free tutoring to our students before school, during lunch recess and after school until 3pm. Contact your teacher to schedule a time. The staff of St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic School works together to ensure every child is being offered every opportunity to succeed. Staff and parents collaborate to recognize any areas in which students may need additional assistance.

We Provide a Catholic Education for All

All School Worship
The school community attends Mass monthly, Stations of the cross on Fridays during Lent and the Living Rosary in May. Family and Friends in our community are encouraged and invited to join the school body for any of these worship days.

Class Masses
Each grade is assigned a Mass throughout the year. Students participate by bringing the gifts to the altar during Offertory, reading the Epistle and the Responsorial Psalm, petitions, choir and being Altar servers.

Sacrament Of Reconciliation
Two adult classes are held for parents of students who are making the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Preparation for children start in second grade. Students participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation twice a year, before Christmas and in preparation for Easter during the school day for children who have made their first Confession.

First Communion
Two adult classes are held for parents of students who are receiving their First Holy Communion. Preparation for First Holy Communion is taught in second grade. First Holy Communion usually takes place two days after Easter.

Confirmation is a two year, family oriented process, generally beginning in the 7th grade, which prepares youth for the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation at the end of 8th grade.

Sacrament of Confirmation
The Sacrament of Confirmation is one of the Sacraments of Initiation. Students will receive the Holy Spirit, strengthening their bond to Christ and the Church. As fully initiated members of the Church, they become public witnesses to Christ and carry on the mission of the Apostles. Their journey begins in the seventh grade as they are confirmed in the spring of their eighth grade year. Students also are required to have 24 hours of service.

Altar Servers
Beginning in fourth grade, students may learn how to serve at Mass. They are called on to serve during Masses on the weekend, school Masses and for funerals.

Daily Prayer
Our students are involved in two daily prayers during announcements and the Rosary.

Daily Religion
Religious class is incorporated with daily readings and assignments.

After School Activities and Clubs

  • Band (Concert & Marching)
  • Student Buddies
  • Chess Club
  • Community Service Projects
  • Cultural Events Club
  • Field Trips Club
  • Garden/Nature Club
  • History Fair
  • Invention Fair
  • Lego Club
  • Museum
  • Musical Theater Club
  • Nature Ninjas
  • Newspaper Club
  • Scholastic Bowl
  • Science Fair
  • Scouts (Boys & Girls)
  • State Fair
  • Student Council
  • Young Rembrandt’s Art Club
  • And More!