Quick Facts


All faculty and staff members may be reached through the school office at 847-358-2110. You may leave a voice mail by entering the voice mail box number from the table below when prompted.

Faculty and staff have access to email. Account names for each faculty or staff member are available from the school office. They are not published here since automated spam programs often look for email addresses on web pages.

Position/Grade Name E-mailAll e-mails are:@stvschool.org Voicemail #
Principal Mrs. Mary Brinkman stvprincipal@ #121
Assistant Principals Stephanie Hardy

Laura Klotz

asstprincipal@ See below
Administrative Assistants Mrs. Sheila O’Shea

Mrs. Darcy Modor

stvoffice@ #100
Preschool Coordinator Mrs. Jennifer Lazik
Mrs. Sue Sloma
preschool@ #130
Preschool Teacher

Preschool Aide

Mrs. Anne Fisher

Ms. Janice Loster

Preschool3@ #128

Kindergarten Aide

Miss Emily Hookom

Mrs. Lisa Nix

kindergarten@ #107
Grade 1 Miss Laura Klotz first@ #104
Grade 2 Mrs. Celeste Kerr second@ #102
Grade 3 Mrs. Jennifer Secedi third@ #106
Grade 4 Mrs. Liz Shepke fourth@ #101
Grade 5, K-4 Music Mrs. Jane Liquin Jliquin5@ #113
Grade 6-8 Math Mrs. Kristen Wolf eighth@ #110
Gr. 6 HR

Grades 5-8 Science

Mrs. Kathy McGarvey jhscience@ #108
Gr. 7 HR, Gr. 6-8 LA Mrs. Stephanie Hardy seventh@ #109
Spanish Ms. Caitlin Brady spanish@
Art Mr. Mark Abbate art@ #136
Band Mr. Charles Shapera cshapera@gmail.com #138
Computer Mrs. Angela Valis stvcomplab@ #105
Health/PE Mr. Mark Sorrentino pehealth@ #125
Library Mrs. Mary Beth McNally library@ #103
Social Worker & Resource Mrs. Lori Smithe
Music Mrs. Meghan Newell music@ #112
Gr. 5-8 Social Studies Mr. Joe Olson socialstudies@ #111
Clerical Aide Mrs. Grace Sharapata #120
Maintenance Mr. Rich Reed #122
Athletic Director Mrs. Jenny Parlier @stvathletics
Before/After Care #129
Religious Education Mary Strybel

Lisa Lechowicz

stvrec@yahoo.com #124


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