School Community

Family School Association

The Family School Association (FSA) is the equivalent of the PTA in the public schools. It consists of parents, guardians, teachers, faculty and administrators.
The mission of the FSA is to foster a spirit of unity of purpose and action among the parents and guardians of our school children in order to promote and support the educational, spiritual, community, and social programs at St. Thomas of Villanova School.
This mission is achieved through educational, social, and fundraising activities during the year. The FSA provides an opportunity for parents, teachers and administrators to work together for the good of the school.
The FSA is responsible for organizing, coordinating, and implementing fundraising events and rewards programs like those listed below to support its efforts.

Fundraising Events:
Yankee Candle sales
Hershey candy sales
Charleston Wrap

Retail Rewards Programs:
Dollar Shopping Power cards (Fundinco)
Box Tops and Labels for Education
Target Red Card
Office Depot Back-to-School & Staples Reward a Classroom
Used inkjet printer cartridges

The fundraising monies are applied towards items such as the following:

  • extra school supplies the budget does not cover, such as computer hardware and software, audiovisual and science equipment, and library and classroom needs
  • teacher appreciation events and gifts
  • funding the after school athletic program director
  • special purchases such as benches for playground, STV logo sports table cover, smart board for music room, and other classroom supplies
  • underwriting a cultural enrichment program to bring cultural events into the school

Some of the educational and social activities include Grandparent’s Day luncheon, open house events at the school, Santa Workshop, family rec nights, and Dine-n-Share evenings.
All school parents are invited to become involved in the many projects and events it sponsors.
The FSA meets monthly on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM in Meeting Room 2 in the school building (by the pre-school rooms). Meeting dates and times will be included in the school calendar.
All parents are invited and encouraged to attend.

FSA organizes numerous volunteer opportunities. Please see the following document for more information:
STV Volunteer Descriptions 2015-2016

STV School Board

The St. Thomas of Villanova School Board is the policy making and advisory body of the school. The School Board members are elected for a three-year term and provide counsel and advice to the pastor and the principal in the operation of the school. The St. Thomas of Villanova School Board consists of nine elected members, as well as the Principal and the Pastor.

Board members serve on several subcommittees, including Finance, Technology, Marketing, Fundraising, Alumni Communication, Grants/Scholarships and Long-Range Planning.

St. Thomas of Villanova School Board meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. The meetings are usually held in Meeting Room 2 in the school building. Parents are welcome to attend any school board meetings.

If you would like to add any items to the agenda for the next school board meeting, contact the school office at 847-358-2110.

Any interested parishioner can serve as a member of the School Board. Those interested in serving are invited to attend monthly meetings during the school year to observe how these meetings are conducted. Candidates need not have children attending St. Thomas of Villanova School, but they must be registered parishioners and have a working knowledge of the school’s activities, mission and structure.

School Board members serve for a three-year term and elections are held every Spring. For further information about the School Board, please contact the school office.


The St. Thomas of Villanova School Lottery raises money to help with the school budget operating expenses. Each month of the year, winners are drawn to receive monetary prizes. It is a fundraiser organized through the Family School Association. Tickets are sold to the parish community and neighborhood businesses.

Lottery tickets are sold during the first part of February. Parishioners will be informed through the parish bulletin or other means of communication as to what weekend tickets will be available for purchase at all the exits after Mass. Tickets can also be purchased through any school family, any representative from the Family School Association or by contacting the school office.

Families with children enrolled at St. Thomas of Villanova School are expected to sell twenty tickets to benefit the Family School Association. Additional tickets can be sold to fulfill fundraising requirements.