Terra Nova Test Scores

St.Thomas of Villanova School uses the Terra Nova Testing Program, which provides the school with an assessment of our students’ overall performance in the subject areas indicated on the chart below. Categories are aligned with both national and state learning standards. St. Thomas’s overall performance is summarized by the data listed in this chart.


2011-2012 STV Terra Nova Achievement Test Scores
Grade 3 Grade 5 Grade 7
Subject Saint Thomas Archdiocese Saint Thomas Archdiocese Saint Thomas Archdiocese
Reading 83% 59% 85% 61% 82% 65%
Language Arts 76% 61% 86% 61% 91% 68%
Math 80% 51% 85% 61% 90% 64%
Science 74% 63% 88% 61% 80% 60%
Social Studies 82% 64% 82% 62% 83% 66%
Composite Score 81% 62% 89% 62% 92% 68%

The national median is defined as the performance level at which 50% of the students
tested across the nation are above and 50% of the students are below. A percentile
rating of 82 indicates that St. Thomas students on average did better than 82% of
the students tested across the nation. In summary, St. Thomas of Villanova School
continues to maintain very high academic performance in all subject areas tested.
This is truly a great achievement for St. Thomas of Villanova School.

This test allows teachers to evaluate each student’s knowledge and application skills
in the core academic subject areas of reading, language, mathematics, science and
social studies. This is the sixth consecutive year the Archdiocese of Chicago has
used the test.

More detailed information about the Terra Nova Testing Program can be found here.

High School Honor Roll Rates

St. Thomas of Villanova School graduates have attended many different high schools throughout the area, and many excel during their high school years. The chart below provides the last year’s high school honor roll rates for St. Thomas of Villanova graduates from the past three years.

High School Graduation Year Percentage on High School Honor Roll
2012 74%
2013 72%
2014 67%
Total 71%

High schools include Palatine, Fremd, Buffalo Grove, St. Viator and Carmel.